Story of my life

I won’t smash anyone, not even Caream. I won’t drive. Forget that trunk. Try to fix your heart. I think, when I drank you, I broke it. Please, you have to stay breathing on your own. And I have to keep you safe from me… Jaylynn’s eyelids fluttered. The dull blanket of fatigue covered her, encouraging her to drift back down, but the nag of the conscious world tugged. She opened her eyes. She lay stretched over the seat, her head cushioned.

Damon huddled against the door. Pressed into the metal frame, a towel hung over his window. Another blocked the light from Caream’s. The air conditioner had been cranked up, the car temperature cool, and the rush of rubber pounding the pavement slowed. Jaylynn, stay quiet. Damon stared into the towel, his voice grim. I don’t know how to fix you anymore. I don’t know many things. I’m okay, she mumbled.


We’re stopping? Are we there? She struggled up. Do I hear-oh no. Sirens? Behave. Damon book of ra pushed her down. If you explode your broken heart, I’ll hit your head. You breathed in shutdown mode for a long time. Sixty-eight minutes. Keep your heart right, or I’ll make you sleep forever, even all the rest of this day. He released her and flung himself back into the door. The police don’t come for us. Maybe if you’d stop bellowing at her, she’ll stay stable, Caream said. Jaylynn, what should we do? It’s very scary when you try to die like that. Jaylynn swallowed hard. I’m not sure what happened, but really, I’m fine now. What’s going on? A fire called the sirens, Caream replied. And no, we book of ra didn’t make this one.

I know police will be there, but frightened voices cry for help. Damon, show her. Caream paused then snapped, Don’t touch the window. I can control it from here. Damon ripped the towel from the opening window. The afternoon light poured in. He lifted Jaylynn onto his knee and gestured up the road. They were in a large city, speeding down a deserted alley in what looked like a warehouse district. A cloud of black smoke rose from one of the run-down buildings.

The distinct, arid smell wafted in. Jaylynn gasped. Someone’s trapped in there? She swallowed hard, caught in red light. Would Damon really knock her out? Last time I tell you. Don’t speed up your heart. His gaze riveted back to the fire. Voices of little ones cough. The smoke makes it hard for them to breathe. You can’t go in there. I’m afraid to give you air. If we leave you alone, what if you explode again? Stop worrying about me.


Every breath you take

Damon bent so Caream could shove the broken sunglasses on him. I won’t promise to hide anymore. Be careful of your broken heart, and I’ll be careful not to kill. You die; every mean police I find will join you. The air swirled empty where color stood a second ago. In less than four seconds, Jaylynn could no longer see them. Flames flared out the book of ra broken windows and black smoke thickened. Any minute now a firefighter could ask why she’d parked in this private alley, driving a technically stolen, seat smashed out, BMW with New Mexico plates.


She didn’t even know what state they were in. But how could they ignore whoever was in that horrible inferno? Children in an abandoned building? Perhaps runaways, book of ra young enough to breathe like a child. Her worry made Jaylynn feel more ill, and it wasn’t only lack of food and stress. Drained, her head throbbed. She couldn’t afford to sleep the day away. Not when tornado twins had infiltrated Earth. Maybe she could walk off the exhaustion. Jaylynn got out of the car and proceeded to move book of ra one clunking step at a time.

Firefighters must be on the other side of the building. She didn’t wear a watch, but it seemed like a blur of only a few hours since they left Arizona. In the olden days of last week, she used her cell to track time. Back when she had it together to charge the phone, minus a book of ra demonic thumbprint, and she wasn’t on the lam, wanted in two states, probably three, working on the fourth. She stiffened and turned toward the crunch of wheels behind her. Another confrontation in whatever state this was approached right now. Damn. Couldn’t they get the slightest break? Fifty feet from the BMW, Jaylynn had been a safe distance from the building. She hurried her return pace as the officer exited her patrol car.

Jaylynn looked at the woman, avoiding evasive eye movement. book of ra The fit looking brunette was in her late twenties and dressed in impeccable blues. Without a smile or a hello the officer asked, Ma’am, what are you doing here? This your vehicle? My husband’s. I’m waiting for him. I need to see license, registration, proof of insurance. Where’d your husband go? He belongs to the Fire Marshall Squad in Albuquerque. If you want to talk to him, he’s probably holding a hose. Story of my life. We’re supposed to be somewhere, and he loves playing the hero. The officer looked her over, but didn’t state the obvious. Life’s wringer had left a wicked bruise on Jaylynn’s face, her hair a disheveled mop, clothes rumpled like she’d swam in them, and any attempt at makeup long gone.

A lovely murmur in her ear

She couldn’t find any tunnel into that particular spectrum of luminosity. Pie in the sky didn’t exist. A book of ra heaven of crimson had control of her. Blood-red lines sparkled and surged to create pathways in her mind. Insistent current raged through her veins, and furious red wouldn’t concede to either black or white. Waves of pain began to fade. She wished she could see and touch. Oh please, just one more taste of Damon’s light, but her eyes didn’t work, nor would her hands, and no way could she could lift her head. Jaylynn could hear Caream’s panicked voice, dim through the rush.


Sounds better, but she’s still not right. Want me to try? No. I think I did this. Drank her to death. Hot droplets, certainly tears of crimson, splattered onto Jaylynn’s cheek. Try not to be so afraid, Caream said. Don’t stop what you’re doing, but put water on her. Her face shouldn’t be that red. The electric massage continued one-handed over Jaylynn’s chest. Damon shoved a towel under her head. Cool water soothed her blistering cheeks and soaked into her shirt.

Finally, she cracked her eyes open and the light she longed for swam into focus.His eyes. Those worried, wonderful orbs shone over her, flooded with loving relief. He loves me? She pushed a whisper through the rushing book of ra noise. Da…mon… Stop. Don’t talk. Make your heartbeat normal. Damon sounded so frightened. Breathe much air. Make it really okay. Jaylynn relished his arms enclosing her while she drew a shallow breath-oh no, her damn vision lost color-oh yes, wonderful red loomed over her, and dazzling eyes sucked away lackluster gray. At least I die in his arms, his light.


He loves me. Um, that churning swirl in her stomach really wasn’t good. She ruined the mood by having a heart attack, and now she’d gross him out by puking. You need to shutdown. Damon brushed a trembling finger over her lips. The crackers, your never-was baby, nothing’s happy inside you. He settled her head back against the towel, pulled her legs over his knees, and began massaging again. He pressed her dampened shirt against her hot skin.

Nausea faded into a layer of exhaustion. Jaylynn’s legs, arms, everything, felt too heavy to move. Ahh, not so for lower muscles clenched with need. His caress of her neck, soothing her breasts, down her stomach-he knew. He wouldn’t go lower, book of ra but it didn’t matter. Sparks sizzled straight to her groin while her body betrayed her. Her heartbeat quickened, the blood rush came back to her face.